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Important Info

Welcome to our International open positions!

GeekHunter was born in mid-2015, with the purpose of transforming the way companies hire tech talent, as well as changing the lives and careers of technology professionals.

In 2021, we took our first step towards International Expansion, connecting tech talents with incredible opportunities around the world. Today, we work with remote positions in the United States, Portugal, and Italy, and there is much more to come!

In this document, you can find the open positions, to work fully remote and for international companies mostly as a PJ/Direct Hire.

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Apply to one of the tech jobs available

Send your CV and info in English

Tell us about your job experience


Your application is assessed

Meeting in English with GeekHunter

We will analyze your experience and profile


Get matched with the company in question*

Get to know the company and team members

*If your experience and profile is compatible with the job


Get the offer and your dream job!

The company will send you an offer letter

You will be offered a remote job opportunity!

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Each company has its own selection process, with different validation steps, but these are the most common ones:


Your application

This is your next step after reading this! Here, you will send us your CV and personal info


Chat with

A 30-minute chat with one of our Tech Recruiters to talk about the opportunities


Meet the company

You’ll be talking to the hiring manager and get a good glimpse of how they work.


Technical interview

You will go deeper into your projects and experience in the tech industry + any assessments


Chat about
cultural fit

Here’s the moment to chat about the company culture and to see if your values are aligned.


Your job

Let’s celebrate together! Here, we might make final adjustments before your new journey!

Some quick tips

1. Apply via desktop

2. You can view the job board filtering by seniority, career focus, or search for a “keyword” like the stack. (e.g “Ruby”). Just hover your mouse pointer to “All”.

3. Clicking the button right after the link will send you to the application form

4. You can click on the name of the job opening to expand and know more about each one in detail.

5. We use a few acronyms (such as E.G, A.H, etc.) to identify each position internally. Keep an eye on them when you’re applying to make sure it’s the same position.

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