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GeekHunter is the talent marketplace for companies to hire developers in Latin America. We match top vetted developers with companies based on their needs.

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Helping companies hire developers remotely

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Why choose GeekHunter to hire developers?

Biggest marketplace in its class

We’re the biggest talent marketplace specialized in helping companies hire developers in Latin America

Market expertise

With over 7 years in the tech recruiting business, we have the team and knowledge to choose the best prospects.

Engaged and vetted developers

From the very start, we focus on pre-validating only the best and most engaged candidates that fit your needs.

Recruiting Agencies
  • ❌ No expertise on tech recruiting

  • ❌ No experience with LATAM market

  • ❌ No platform to help you find top talent

  • ❌ Huge cost per candidate hired (around 15% of annual salary)

  • ❌ Fewer options on pricing structures

  • ❌ Fewer profile alignment meetings
Job Boards
  • ❌ No customer support

  • ❌ No help on talent acquisition

  • ❌ No screenings and vettings

  • ❌ No expertise on tech recruiting

  • ❌ No experience with LATAM market

  • ❌ No platform to help you find top talent

GeekHunter is a more well-rounded and complete alternative to job board companies and recruiting agencies.

We attract, screen, vet, and send you only the top talents we have encountered. Soon, we will also finish the translation of our digital platform, where you will be able to find, connect and hire even faster.

How do you hire developers with GeekHunter?

While we’re adapting our product for international companies and their needs, we’re working in a TraaS (tech recruiter as a service) model.


Briefing and Job Opening

Firstly, we will get the details about the job openings and priorities when you become our client.



Secondly, our tech recruiter will show you curated profiles and refine our selection criteria based on your feedback.



Finally, you will receive the profiles directly in your inbox and you select the ones for your hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have 7+ years of experience in tech recruiting. We're not just a company specialized in talent acquisition, but also industry leaders with deep knowledge in sourcing and vetting the top developers in the Latin American region.

No! We're a platform where vetted developers and companies meet. While we're translating the product to international companies, we're working in a TRaaS (tech recruiter as a service model). Click here to learn more

We work mostly with front-end, back-end, full-stack, and mobile developers, as well as QA analysts and testers.

After developers check the roles on our job board and apply, our experienced team first checks their CV to know if their experience matches that specific job opening. After that, if the developer has the right experience, we meet them on video, where we talk further about their experience, which projects they have worked on, their personality, as well as test their English skills. After approving a certain amount of candidates, our team sends a shortlist of the top developers to the company.

That time can vary a lot depending on the number of interviews during the company phase of the hiring process (after we vet and send the candidate to the company) but usually, our clients receive their first shortlist of candidates within 14 days and hire in the first month.

Start hiring top developers in
Latin America

We will help you find, connect and hire the best tech talents in the region.

Start hiring top developers in
Latin America

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